Sunday, June 03, 2012

Lazy Sunday afternoon!

Well here it is a lazy Sunday afternoon and not so nice outside. I made the card below in honour of summer and I do believe the nicer weather is soon to come!!!

In between writing this post I am back and forth from my dining room table to the window feeding my little Grandma chipmunk which we aptly named Chippie. We have had her grace our property now for the past five years through countless litters. She is so tame that she will jump in my hand for me to feed her shelled peanuts. When she jumps up to the ledge of the window I am sure my cat Muffin would just like to grap a hold of her. But that's o.k. because the window is never opened wide enough for that. In between feedings I am trying to get a video of her to show you. Stay tuned for my Chippie video!!!