Monday, September 03, 2012

Organization, organization, organization...

Happy long weekend everyone (that's if you are lucky enough to be celebrating Labour Day),

I am that lucky so I have decided to use some of my time off for this very subject - organizing.
If you are like me organization means everything in my craft space. From time to time I find myself having a little creative block, forget what supplies I have or just plain and simple have too much stuff . So in comes the organizing committee - ME.
Some years back I sort of drifted out of stamping and into jewelry making. I thought it was a good idea at the time but came to realize it probably was not. I did enjoy it and will again in the future but it is fun to try different things. I do truly love my stamping though!
My jewelry cabinet which is chocked full of beads, beads and more beads is not in much use these days and stands alongside my stamping cabinet.
So I decided yesterday that I needed more room for my ever growing stamp population so I boxed up all my jewelry making supplies (which will be relocated to another room in the house) and in doing so gained a full tall cabinet which I can now fill with all my wonderful stamp products.
When transferring everything over I also decided that now might be a good time to really take stock of what I actually had in the way of stamps. Although I find it difficult to part with any of my stamps I managed to find a whole basket that I can actually live without, again freeing up even more space.
From time to time I find for me it is a good idea to just step back from the creative side and spend some quality time getting re-acquainted with my stamps and supplies. I think it actually helps to ignite a creative spark again!
I know it is impossible to have everything out in plain sight but it certainly helps to know what are in those little drawers and cabinets. I tend to label everything so for me my labelling machine is a very necessary tool in my creative space.
In going through this process (which I do from time to time) I realized that I really do have to choose some of my purchases more carefully. I find that I have things that I thought would be useful at the time of purchase but are just occupying valuable space and not really in use anymore. I'm going to try and become a more frugal shopper.
Darn all those stamp companies out there for creating new and wonderful products. No, just kidding you can keep them coming, lol.

Happy creating!!!