Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Well it might be my last post for a little while as our daughter has just returned home here to Montreal after spending 7 months living in Germany. Her boyfriend is currently stationed there with the US Airforce. They met while she was teaching english in Okinawa, Japan and he was stationed in Japan at the time. She came home and he transferred to Germany. All that being said we are thrilled to have her back home with us as her and I have lots of catching up to do. You know, stuff like shopping, mani-pedis and fun girly stuff etc. We will also have Mother's Day to celebrate with my son too. He was waiting for his big sis to arrive home! But alas she will be gone again soon! She is off to Hawaii for 3 weeks' to join her mate as he will be visiting his family there. Oh my jet setting daughter! She has done EXTENSIVE travelling. Anyways I'll be back soon with some new card projects hopefully! See you then!